Could you be a Shared Lives Host Carer?

Shared Lives NI is a scheme offering people aged over 65 in need of support a safe, welcoming, family environment where they can spend short breaks or live permanently with Host Carers. Shared Lives is an alternative to day opportunities, short breaks or long term care for adults in need of support. The scheme offers personalised, quality care and support where Host Carers share their lives, hobbies and homes with the person/s in need of support. Some people move in with their Host Carer, while others are regular daytime visitors. Some combine daytime and overnight visits. Some Host Carers provide support to more than one individual at a time.

The care and support is based on shared interests and lifestyles. It is tailored for the older person and what they would like to do during the time with their carer. Some examples of what they might do together:

Shared Lives NI recruit, assess, and support Shared Lives Carers and provide them with training, as well as organising support groups and social events. They carefully match carers with older people requiring support, taking into account the needs and interests of the person requiring support. They are matched with a Shared Lives Carer who has similar interests and can meet those needs. 

Get in contact:

Shared Lives NI are currently recruiting for Shared Lives Carers to provide support so if you are interested in applying please contact: 

Alison Milford, Head of Shared Lives
Tel: 028 9024 5729

Further information:

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