William Taggart MA (1790-1805)

William Taggart

There was some controversy over the ordination of Mr Taggart, which took place in 1790. Minutes of the Synod of Ulster record, “Ordered that the Moderator write a letter to the Presbytery of Munster remonstrating against the conduct of Mr. Blair (of the Leap), a member of their Presbytery, for irregularly introducing a probationer to Dunmurry, and afterwards presiding in drawing up a call for him – Resolved, that we approve of the conduct of the Presbytery of Bangor respecting Dunmurry in deferring the ordination of Mr. William Taggart in that place until the matter might come before this body.”

At some point, Mr. Taggart and the congregation annexed themselves to the Non-Subscribing Presbytery of Antrim. On 14th May 1805, the congregation dissolved its connection with him. The congregation reverted again to the Presbytery of Bangor in 1806 or 1807, returning to the General Synod.