Welcome back to Church

Sunday 13th September

11.30 -12.15pm

Minister: Rev. Dr David Steers

Organist: Mr Allen Yarr


The Church committee have proposed to trial a re-opening of worship on Sunday 13th September at 11.30am. Good Practice Guidelines have been compiled in order to ensure that the premises of First Dunmurry NS Presbyterian Church can be used in a way that is safe for all and reduces the risk of spread of COVID-19.  We encourage all members to read these before attending, to ensure you are aware of how restrictions will affect our church worship and safety of our congregation members and visitors.

Available here: First Dunmurry NSPCI Good Practice Guidelines

Please note that no one should feel pressurised into going to church if they are not yet comfortable with going to events. Online services will continue weekly and can be accessed via our Facebook page