Childrens Day Service & BBQ

First Dunmurry NSPCI Children’s Day Service

Sunday 10th June 2018

Service Led by Mrs Adele Johnston, Sunday School Superintendent and members of the Sunday School

Our Children’s Day Service this year was held on Sunday 10th June, Mrs Adele Johnston, Sunday School Superintendent led the Service with lots of help from the children. Lochlan read from Psalm 127, Henry read a poem called “Dear Lord You are My Shepherd and Julia read a poem entitled “The Creation” which was written by a member of the Congregation, Mr Tommy Edmont. Grace led us in prayer and Holly, one of our youngest members did a fantastic solo “Good News”. All the children then performed a drama based on the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho which was narrated by Erin. The children also sang “Our God is a Great Big God” and encouraged the congregation to join in with the actions. At the end of the Service, one of our Elders, Mr Robert McFarland, presented the children with Prizes for their hard work and attendance over the year. The children also received certificates for their entries for this year’s Denominational Exhibition of Work.

The music for the Service was provided by our fantastic organist Allen Yarr, who was playing the new Clarinova Piano which was presented to the Church by the family of the late Mrs Edie Bell who was a great supporter of the children and Sunday School.

After the Service we all headed over to the grounds of the McCleery Hall where we enjoyed a BBQ Lunch prepared by John Johnston and the Sunday School Team.

Order of Service

Welcome, Opening Words & Prayer

1st Hymn: Be Still for the Presence of the Lord

Prayers (including Lord’s Prayer)

Reading: Psalm 127, verses 3 – 5, Read by Lochlan Black

2nd Hymn: Give me oil in my lamp

Reading: Dear God You Are My Shepherd read by Henry Power

Solo: “Good News” by Holly Brown

Prayer: “A Child’s Goodnight Prayer” read by Grace Brown

3rd Hymn: Jesus Bids us Shine

Reading: Luke Chapt 2, verses 41 – 52 read by Mrs Heather Cameron

Drama: Joshua at Jericho Narrated by Erin Black

4th Hymn: Our God is a Great Big God

Reading: “The Creation” by Mr Tommy Edmont, read by Julia Englefield


Announcements & Update and Appeal for Yeny our sponsor child

5th hymn: This Little Light of Mine


Presentation of Prizes by Church Elder, Mr Robert McFarland