Meet Yeny from Peru

Meet Yeny

Our Sunday School sponsor Yeny through Compassion UK

As most of you will know, the Sunday School have been sponsoring a child for many years, we do this through an organisation called Compassion UK who work with local communities in 25 countries around the world.

In June 2017 our sponsor child, Mary, graduated from the Compassion UK Programme and in September 2017 we received news that our new sponsor child was Yeny  and lives in a small village called Chiriaco in Peru.

Our sponsorship helps to provide educational support for Yeny including bible class. Our Sunday School letters to Yeny are translated into Spanish so that she understands them and her letters in return are translated into English. Through the Compassion UK programme she also receives medical care and nutritional support.

Can you help towards sponsorship for Yeny?

Please donate any loose change, and give directly to our Sunday School Superindendant Adele Johnston.

Updates from Yeny:

The first letter our Sunday School Children received from Yeny, arrived in September 2017 not long after their return to Sunday School. The children were delighted to hear from her and this is what they learnt:

Yeny (aged 5)

A drawing by Yeny, of her home with her mum, dad and brother Marvin.

Letter and drawing from Yeny, arriving March 2019:

Dear Dunmurry Church,

Thank you for your letters, Christmas Card and pictures. Thank you for sponsoring me and letting me be part of your family.  I went to see my Grandma in the town of Cutervo, I didn’t like it as it was very cold.  I go to the Mission and Life project on Wednesday and Thursday, it is nice and I get to do things like painting, cutting, and singing.  I do bible stories which I enjoy.  My dad takes me outside and I get food. I  pray for you and ask you to pray for me and my family.

Yeny Mabel

A drawing from Yeny